Counter Strike Demo 1.6

Counter Strike Demo 1.6

Do you like action games where you must prove your tactical skills? Then you'll undoubtedly Demo Counter Strike, the multiplayer shooter first person par excellence. Inside, you'll embark on bloody fights between two different groups who seek to eliminate each other. The problem? One of them out of the arena alive. Is what is yours?

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The premise of this game is quite simple: at the beginning of a map you will need to decide if you join terrorists or terrorist-cons. This choice is crucial as it will determine the equipment you have access to and the type of tasks that you must complete.

Then you will be dropped onto the battlefield with some specific instructions. Objectives in Counter Strike Demo will rescue hostages or to escape from the card until a bomb or off. Of course, each group should try to achieve its mission while avoiding the other does succeed his. However, things may end differently if you decide to take the action-oriented way and kill all of the opposing force.

To achieve your goal, you will have interesting arsenal at your disposal. Inside you will find rifles, pistols, knives, bombs and assault rifles. Keep in mind, however, that you need money to buy weapons and that the only way to win is to succeed in your missions and kill your enemies.

Although quick action is attractive enough for herself, one of the main reasons for the popularity of Counter Strike Demo is the great community that supports the game This not only ensures that you always find someone online to play with but it also provides new and fresh content from time to time, developed by fans for fans.

So if know experience the thrill of armed struggle in your own flesh you are interested and want to do a fun, there is no better alternative than Counter Strike Demo.



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Counter Strike Demo 1.6
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